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If you are ready to make profitable crypto trades then you’ve come to the right place. Our strategy has been back-tested over 100,000 times resulting in a 95% success rate. 

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We provide a unique trading strategy that works with every type of cryptocurrency on every exchange platform.

Sign-up and get access to our proprietary indicator on Trading View that takes all the guesswork out of trading.  Know exactly when to buy and sell with a 95% win rate!

altcoin trading strategy

Altcoin Trading Strategy Results

The BEST indicator available developed by veteran traders.


Are you ready to start making more profitable trades?

Start using our proven trading strategy with our easy to use trading indicator.

Our strategy has been back-tested over 100,000 times resulting in over 95% success rate!

Our strategy only alerts you of profitable trades. No more guessing!

What is a trading indicator?

A trading indicator is a set of tools based on a specific trading strategy that combines technical market analysis and mathematical calculations that gives one a better understanding of the current and future market trends.  

Our proprietary indicator is based on a custom trading strategy that has proven to be 95% successful after being back-tested over 100,000 times.  (Most trading strategies and indicators available today are only back-tested only 100 times)

How is your indicator different from the rest?

Our trading strategy was developed by a group of veterans traders who have over 50 years of combined experience as full-time stock brokers for some of the world’s largest brokerage firms.  In addition, our strategy has been back-tested over 100,000 times resulting in a 95% success rate.  In addition, most trading strategies only work on specific exchanges with certain trading pairs.  Out strategy works on every exchange with any trading pair of your choice.  It doesn’t matter if you want to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. our strategy will work with all cryptocurrencies.

Why I should pay for for your indicator when i can get trading indicators for free?

The industry average for back-testing any trading strategy and indicator is to back-test it 100 times.  We took our strategy and indicator to the next level and back-tested it over 100,000 times.  Our strategy has been proven time and time again to be successful 95% of the time.  Our strategy was also designed in a way where it gives you the flexibility to trade on different exchanges with different cryptocurrencies.

What kind of profit can i expect from your trading strategy?

Results may vary from trader to trader.  The cryptocurrency market is very volatile.  However, based on our back-testing results our strategy has produced winning trades for us 95% of the time.  If you follow our strategy as it was designed you should definitely see a big difference in the amount of your winning trades.

How do I know when to enter and exit trades?

Our trading signal well tell you exactly when to enter and exit trades.  We took all of the guesswork out of trading.

Does your strategy work with Bitcoin as well as Altcoins?

Absolutely!  Our strategy works with Bitcoin and Altcoins on all trading exchanges.

Is your strategy easy for beginners to understand?

Yes!  Our strategy was designed in a way where it can be used by beginners as well as veteran traders.  No experience is needed to start profiting from our strategy.

How is your trading indicator used?

Once you sign up as a member you will be given access to use the trading indicator on the Trading View platform.

Are you ready to start making profitable trades?

Get access to our Trading Strategy TODAY!

Our strategy takes all the guesswork out of trading.  No more complicated analysis.  Our indicator will tell you exactly when to buy and sell to maximize your profits.

We only trade to win.

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Altcoin Trading Strategy
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 4 reviews
 by Johnathan
So Easy to Use!

I am new to the world of crypto trading. I came across Altcoin Trading Strategy while doing research online. Let me tell you, this is SO EASY to use! I thought I was missing something at first but I wasn't. It's just SUPER EASY to use. I have been trading with the system now for 5 days and have made a profit on every trade so far!

 by Nathaniel

I signed up for Altcoin Trading Strategy on the morning of Saturday Dec 4, 2021. By Saturday night I had entered 3 trades and made a profit on all 3 trades. So far the system is amazing. The best I've seen so far. I have never seen a system that produces winning trades in such a short time. Very easy to use also.

 by Andrew
This Really Works!

I am a newbie crypto trader. I was referred to this site by a co-worker. I signed up and within 24 hours I made 4 times the monthly subscription fee. This REALLY WORKS!!

 by Dennis R.
Very Impressed!

I signed up for AltCoinTradingStrategy 3 weeks ago. I was a bit skeptical at first due to the fact that there are so many useless indicators out there. Let me tell you, this indicator works and it works well! Very easy to use and I haven't lost a trade with it yet. I'm so glad I found this, now i can start making money for once!